Boss Flyff is not a server, it is a family.

It is a great pleasure to inform everyone that since the launch, we have experienced a new stage in BossFlyff's life, we have spent 3 years with a single server, as we have never done before, practically everything from scratch. prioritizing balance and gameplay.

Total Accounts 129
Total Characters 210
Total Guilds 11
Peak Players 24

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Rules & Regulations server rules and regulations must be followed

Dear player, before you start your journey on our server, you should access our terms of service on the registration page and carefully read all our rules, in order to know our rules and know your rights and duties.

Not knowing the rules does not exempt anyone from punishment, so read our term carefully to avoid possible punishment. Our rules are always being reviewed to fit our community.

We ask all our players to be polite and helpful both in our forum and in-game, as we will be in a much nicer and healthier environment. Remember that Boss Flyff is a family and not just a server.

You are fully responsible for all actions taken on our server, if you have questions after reading our rules, contact the administrators who will assist you.